2015 Audi S3 8V - Diagnostics & Repair!

Audi S3 in with us for some mods and maintenance!

Came to us misfiring and a whole list of DTC codes stored in the ECU. Most of these where related to cylinder misfires and excessive cylinder pressure!

We pulled the spark plugs to find that the wrong plugs had been installed in this engine over a year ago! Incorrect heat range meant that the engine was running dangerously hot and if it wasn’t for the customer religiously using Shell V-Power the engine would have probably failed by now due to pre-ignition! You can see the discolouring on the spark plug from the heat. We replaced the spark plugs with some heat range 7 NGK Iridiums which are one stage cooler than stock ready for some extra boost

Oil and filter changed with some Millers nanodrive 0w30 NT+

Ramair intake system and turbo elbow also installed to the vehicle.

All faults resolved and ready to revisit us for some tuning 🚀