We were lucky enough to have a right hand drive Shelby Super Snake with us today for some engine tuning! This is #6 of 6 RHD Super Snakes built here in the U.K and possibly the LAST!

These cars come with a Whipple Stage 2 supercharger kit and a 3.625” Supercharger pulley. We did a bassline pull in stock form and it made just under 600whp which we found pretty disappointing. We expected slightly lowering figures from the older generation 2.9L Whipple but not that low.

We spent some time tuning this Super Snake and ended with an increase of 75whp and a nice increase in torque throughout the rev range! Look at that flat torque curve!

It’s a pleasure to have made this already awesome car even more awesome!

Final figures - 672whp & 506wtq.

Added safety’s and 2 step launch control programmed 

SuperSnake UK Power graph

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