2018 Stage 2 Whipple supercharged

Daren approached us to have his 2018 Mustang GT supercharged.

We naturally agreed to take the job on and opted to work with Whipple Superchargers to ensure the desired outcome for the customer.

Utilising the Gen5 Stage 2 Whipple kit for the 2018+ Mustang GT ensures not only an impressive initial power increase but plenty of headroom for more later should the customer decide he wants it.

To make sure we were ensuring reliability with the extra power we installed a Boundry Gears Oil pump gear set and crank gear. 

Supercharged 2018 Mustang w/ GPF's

Leaving the GPF's in place for now this car still made an impressive 740bhp - keep an out for its return visit to have the GPF's removed to unlock the rest of the pony's the whipple has to offer!