ASBOMAP! - Our demo S550 Mustang gets some more power.. 800+RWHP!!

The MAP demo car got some loving! 800whp & 612wtq 🚀 - with an estimated transmission loss of 15% that puts this car around 920bhp & 704ft/lbs

We have been busy making everyone else’s cars faster with no time for our own. We haven’t touch this car since we built it from a bone stock car last year! But we set aside some time for #ASBOMAP this week and carried out some mods.

We have added

• FIC 1000cc fuel injectors
• VMP Fuel pump booster
• 3.375” S/C pulley & new belt
• Fresh set of NGK LTR7IEX-11 spark plugs
• An oil and filter change with Millers Nanodrive engine oil

And of course a custom MAP dyno tune to tie in all our new mods! We have the full MMR front cover assembly strengthening mods, along with a Mantic 2000hp clutch transmission side. Otherwise, stock sealed engine

With a full tank of V-Power we began tuning on our dyno and finished with an impressive 801whp & 612wtq! Just to give you an idea of the power increase we have overlaid a stock stage 2 Whipple car that we dyno’d below which was running on 97 octane fuel. An extra 160whp & 112wtq over a stock Whipple stage 2!

Added pops and crackles on downshifts 🔥

Stock sealed engine with MMR front cover upgrades. Oil pump, crank sprocket, chain guides, chains etc.

This is still a street car running on out of the pump fuel and drives like any other mustang when pottering around!

That’s outright street car out of the way, stay tuned for the next step 😎

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