BMW 335i Stage 1 Remap

We had this BMW 335i in with us for a remap last month but the tune had to be aborted due to an engine misfire that occurred only after we flashed the new map.

We diagnosed the fault as an ignition issue and advised the customer to replace his spark plugs and ignition coils, making sure they’re capable of providing adequate ignition for the increased boost pressure.

With them now replaced and the engine running sweet, we carried on where we left off

Stock power
324bhp & 337ft/lbs

Stage 1 power
378bhp & 406ft/lbs

A nice increase in power output, confirmed on the dyno.

This situation is one that is all too common, having a 'blind' re-flash carried out at a shop without the proper equipment would have had this customer running a fault on his car without his knowledge potentially causing serious issues down the line.