Building a Steeda Q750 Streetfighter

Here at MAP we like to offer quality and a huge part of that is ensuring that we are partnered with the right brands to ensure our customers are getting the right stuff.

It would be hard to pick another brand we feel as strongly about working with as Steeda - right from day one in this market Steeda parts have underpinned every one of our builds. Unfortunately much of what they make is under the car but without their stuff all of the big power cars we see through the shop would be rolling death traps.

As part of our continued partnership we build the Steeda Q-Series cars for the European market and this subtle Q750 Streetfighter is a perfect example of that.

If you are looking for something special and different but with real heritage the Steeda Q-series cars are for you. Steeda sell a range of Limited additions like the Steve McQeen Bullitt and everyone of them is a market leader in performance and style.

Sporting a Gen3 2.9 litre whipple supercharger this particular car left us with around 738bhp on 97 octane fuel and with the factory headers and cats in place.

Stage 2 whipple Supercharged Steeda Q750 Streetfighter

With handling performance to go with all that grunt there's no escaping how this car is going to upset a few EU model cars over its lifetime!