Right from the beginning of this project we knew we had found someone in Matthew who shared our passion for cars. With an already impressive stable, Matthew was itching for something ... else.

Having owned a Platinum White Shadow Edition Mustang GT for several months but never really using it, he felt it was time to see if he could make it more appealing to climb into.

He knew what he wanted, something fast and loud. But that's just all he thought he could have, after a couple of meetings with us however he realised we could build his true dream, something more than modified, something exclusive with unparalleled performance. 

MAP Mustang

The brief was 'I want a car faster and better than my Dodge'. Sounds reasonable, except his 'Dodge' is a 750hp factory built, supercharged, 6.4 litre Hemi powered HellCat - the worlds most powerful Sedan.

Taking on an OE Manufacturer with a 'nothing out of the ordinary' Mustang GT base car shouldn't be TOO much trouble, right?

To achieve it we decided to work on a tried and tested platform, one that we already knew trumped the dodge, we'd build a MAP DEMONstrator based Edition, personalised to Matthew himself in recognition of his dream that made this epic build a reality.

Supercharged Mustang UK 1000bhp

The result - The MAP900 MB edition Mustang GT, a car capable of 1000hp in race prep but that rocks 900+hp on the street, all wrapped up in a platform that actually allows the use of it.

Supercharged Mustang UK

Building the MAP900 MB Edition was a pretty daunting task, we knew we needed to build a car from bone stock to 900+hp with the chassis and looks to match, in 1 hit. Ontop of that we had to do all the planning, development, assembly, setup, testing and record the whole thing in the sort of time frame that a customer might be expected to wait.

Above all else, it had to work perfectly, reliably. It had to drive as well as the factory car did, if not better and only need to come back to us ever for routine services.


Etched retrofit headlight lense

See for yourself. This video glances over the process right upto the start of the Race prep development which we will get onto below, video first though hey.



First, Power ... heaps of it! But building a 900+hp road car is no mean feat.

Whipple Supercharger

Whipple Supercharged Mustang

KOOKS Exhaust UK

HP Tuners nGauge

Velgen wheels UK

Steeda Mustang race wing