The Motorsport and Performance Power Run package includes three full throttle power runs to determine horsepower and torque at the wheels. Not only do we measure the engines output but we will also use our plethora of data logging equipment to monitor important sensors on the engine via the vehicles ECU. Closely monitoring parameters such as boost, AFR, Ignition timing, Knock sensor activity, intake air temp, engine coolant temp, fuel trim percentages and more.  


The most powerful diagnostic tool in our arsenal is perhaps our DYNOmite Hub Dyno. Although diagnosing faults is not its primary purpose, it's plethora of sensors and monitoring equipment make it unrivalled in its capability to diagnose issues with your car in an environment that is safe and fully audited.

Diagnostic testing on the Dyno enables us to pinpoint or even simply come across issues that are present even when the user might be completely unaware of the problem (and often in these circumstances pre-empt any further, more catastrophic issues).

It is not uncommon for a Dyno Tuning Session or Power run session to turn into a diagnostics session. In events like this the cost of the diagnostics is chargeable separately to the cost the of the intended session. It helps both us and you if every precaution is taken to ensure the vehicle been tested is in full working order before booking Dyno time, unless of course the session is intentionally for diagnostics purposes.