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So what do we offer?

We offer Remapping / Tuning across all vehicle makes and models, from Stage 1 calibrations to a full ECU calibration to suit your new turbo and injectors.

'Stage 1' ECU Remap / Tune

A 'Stage 1' tune consists of optimising the vehicle ECU while still retaining all factory hardware components. A stage 1 tune will allow us to gain the most power while still operating within safe parameters for a vehicle with stock hardware. Stock air intakes, Intercoolers, Exhaust systems, Fuel systems etc will only do some much before they become limiting factors, you then need to start upgrading hardware to make more power from this point.

'Stage 2' ECU Remap / Tune

Unlike the Stage 1' tuning, 'Stage 2' requires a minimum amount of hardware upgrades to the vehicle. These upgrades usually consist of an upgrade intake system whether that be a drop in air filter or a full replacement cold air intake, A less restrictive exhaust system (Larger diameter, high flow catalytic etc), Intercooler / Charge cooler upgrades for forced induction cars. These hardware upgrades allow us to optimise the vehicles ECU further by running more ignition timing for example thanks to the cooler intake charge from the upgraded intercooler, no longer limited by the vehicles inefficient stock intercooler. Even with these upgrades, there is still a limit to how much power we can make without sacrificing reliability.

'Stage 3' ECU Remap / Tune

'Stage 3' tuning allows us to lift the limits again past the point of 'Stage 2' This level of tuning usually consists of larger turbochargers, smaller supercharger pulleys, aftermarket camshafts, larger injectors, uprated fuel pumps, methanol injection etc. These upgrades allow us to tune an engine to a point where the engine's ancillaries are no longer the limiting factor, the engine its self is the limiting factor. Tuned to a safe limit for a stock engine this where we draw the line with tuning. Further upgrades consist of forged pistons and connecting rods, sleeved blocks, lower compression pistons which will then allow you to turn the power up some more.

Additional tuning options

Crackle overrun, Launch control, DTC disable, Ignition cut rev limiters, Cold start deactivation, Stop / Start disable and everything more 

The tuning process

Firstly we will diagnostic scan the vehicle to ensure that there are no underlying faults prior to starting the tuning process along with some data logging and analysis in stock form. When we have confirmed the vehicle is in good health we start by reading the ECU data in stock format either via the vehicles on-board diagnostic port or by removing the ECU itself and connecting directly to the ECU, using our industry-leading tools and equipment. Once this data has been gathered we can adjust and modify maps accordingly to meet our desired demand from the vehicle. Once we have made these changes we can then flash our newly built calibration back into the vehicles ECU and confirm our adjustments with extensive data logging and dyno testing. 

Remapping a cars factory ECU is more than just knowing how to do a re-flash, it's actually more than even knowing what you are doing.

Motorsport and Performance have invested in the right training to ensure that when you remap your car with us, your technician has an in-depth professional understanding of what they are doing.

But, factory ECU's don't work 'just' like that. Remapping your factory ECU the right way, changing the right perimeters, retaining driveability and minimising drawbacks, not to mention knowing when to stop and knowing what is and is not safe, takes time and development - in many cases, trial and error are the only ways to find out. 

Writing our own Calibrations, having our own Dyno, the latest tuning hardware and our own in house, experienced calibration specialists means we offer a service few others can match. We're confident you won't be disappointed if you choose us to remap your car.