Edelbrock Supercharged Mustang GT Remap - 720bhp

630bhp to 720bhp FROM JUST A TUNE!!!

Today it was Edelbrocks turn for some MAP loving, producing 720bhp from our custom tune!!

This car came to us today more or less un-drivable on the supplied tune that comes with the supercharger kit! So we downloaded the tune file from the ECU and looked into what could be causing such poor drivability. The car was suffering from a lack of low down torque and spluttering anywhere below full throttle, giving it less poke then a standard car!

We made some adjustments to the map starting with some optimum power activation adjustments meaning that we no longer needed full throttle in order to pull out of a junction safely! After just 2 quick revisions of the tune the owner was over the moon with the improvement in drivability.

With the drivability issue resolved we put the car on the dyno, running 550whp & 470wtq on the Edelbrock tune.

After looking at the datalogs we were confident that we could make way more power while still maintaining safe running of the engine.

Now running - 620whp & 545wtq! / 720 flywheel horsepower!! Stock car other than the supercharger, no other supporting mods!

An extra 70hp to the rear wheels and a huge increase in torque throughout the rev range!

Edelbrock custon remap