F80 M3 Remap - 528bhp & 543ft/lbs

🔥🌪528bhp & 543ft/lbs🌪🔥

This 2015 M3 was previously tuned by an unknown tuner. We ran the car on the dyno and recorded some datalogs so we had an idea of what had been done previously. Straight away we noticed that the requested AFR was much leaner than we would like, running a higher risk of engine damage for not much more power and was running stock spark plugs and gap. In our opinion, not worth the added risk!

We loaded our stage 2 software with a much safer target AFR and ran the car up on the dyno knowing we may have lost a little bit of power. Sure enough, we lost 10bhp at peak power due to the richer air fuel mixture but knowing now the engine is safe for all conditions. Pushing an engine to borderline dangerous for 10bhp isn’t our style, a balance between safety and power is key.

Cold start disable & overrun crackles added to the map at the customer request :)
🌪528bhp & 543ft/lbs