GT MY18 Manifold install and live tune

Some 2018 intake manifold development this week with MMR IMRC lockouts!

We turned this yellow GT into one angry bee! We installed a 2018 intake manifold along with some kooks long tube catless headers! This car already had a steady intake fitted with the inserted removed and also a borla catback system!

Mustang GT

Once we had installed the headers and intake we started our tune process to get the new intake dialled in! Yes, that’s right. This car was custom tuned in house, no need for flash tunes from the states when you have the know how.

After a few long hours developing the tune on our dyno we finally got the tune nailed down and the car is running incredibly well! Making a massive 440whp / 370wtq, that’s over 500bhp at the fly!! The owner wanted the car to be as asbo as possible so we added some extra crackles and pops on the overrun! 🔥💥... There’s a lot of chat going around that it’s impossible to get a nice stable idle when you lock out the IMRC’s... well we sorted that too! Idling at 800rpm smoothly and consistently! This car runs flawlessly and we’re extremely impressed with how quick the car is, raw N/A power meaning it’s ALL usable power!

We made 45whp from a set of headers, MY18 manifold and a custom tune, as well as a much longer powerband on a car that was already tuned! So going from a stock car you could be making an extra 80hp at the rear wheels!! Definitely a worth while upgrade for you N/A lovers!

MY18 before and after dyno