MAP Mustang Underseal Information

Rust protection on your new mustang? Seems a bit odd at this stage hey.

Not exactly, once rust sets in its hard to get out, so getting in and protecting your car against rust is the idea, rather than trying to fix it and then protect it later.

I guess here at MAP we see the topic from a unique prospective, as Rotary Revs we were around the Mazda RX-8 from it's early years. We saw them when they were still new and we noticed then the lack of underseal on them from factory. 10 years later ... they are failing MOT's because rust has set in and eaten them away, often the cost of repair amounts to significantly more than the value of the car, as a result RX8's today are dropping like fly's, not because of the engine issues you think you know them for but because those that we never saw to treat, are now rotten.

And guess what, the mustang is worse! It comes with almost no underbody protection. Which basically means that the floor pan will rust out ultimately and you will be able to add 'Flintstone power' to boost power output ... until it's following MOT that is.

If you only plan to keep your Mustang for 3 years and then give it back to Ford this might not be of much interest to you. If though you want to own it for years, sell it on when you are done with it or simply don't like the idea of it getting rusty then you are in the right place. We are fully equipped to rust treat, underseal and cavity wax your Mustang to help protect it against the problems later on the down the line that you literally don't see happening (because its under the car) and the best part is, getting in early makes the job so much easier and as a result cheaper to do

So how do we do it?

Essentially the process of under sealing or ‘rust-proofing’ your Mustang is made up by two steps;

  1. Firstly the under body of your car is stripped to the level required, in order to prepare the surfaces for rust-treatment and eventually, sealing.

    A series of wire wheels, hard brushes and compressed air is applied to the exposed areas to remove any existing rust. Once those areas are clean of rust and dirt an industrial grade rust treatment is applied which cures any remaining rust by converting it to a stable hydrophobic complex, then sealing the surface by leaving a protective polymer coating in place.

  2. Once step one is complete we apply 3M Car Body Schultz to protect the under body and prevent any rust from occurring again.

    We chose the 3M product, which is an asphalt-based body sealer, for its excellent one coat coverage capabilities, touch dry within the hour, it remains flexible once dry and does not sag. This allows the rust-proofing to be completed efficiently and means your vehicle can be ready to leave our garage, often same-day (dependant on how much of your car was stripped down for treatment).