As Steeda's leading European Official Dealer, we are fully authorised to provide you with all of your required Steeda related services.

For a full list of all the Steeda products please browse the online store.  

Our close involvement with Steeda UK, who you can read about in a little more detail in our Steeda blog, means that we are the shop that your faulty parts go-to for inspection, your car will come to when others have incorrectly fitted Steeda components and the shop that builds the Steeda Serialised Vehicles for the European markets.

Steeda works with the best to ensure their high standards are maintained on behalf of their customers, and we love the challenge to beat those standards.

For any Steeda related technical queries, please feel free to contact us, in the event that we can't help - we have a direct line to Steeda themselves to get you the information that you need.