The S550 Mustang GT and EcoBoost enjoy been the first regular production Mustang with independent rear suspension. But Ford didn't fix everything ... the factory car is still pretty scary when you show it some twisties!

If you have climbed out of an M, AMG or RS into your Mustang you are probably already missing your German chassis and we don't blame you.

The good news is though, it doesn't have to be like that. Although Ford didn't fix everything they did literally leave room on the table for improvement. And to make the most of that we have teamed up with world leading Mustang and vehicle dynamics specialist Steeda, to help you make the most of your chassis. 

Making suspension alterations isn't a straight forward science, few of us know much better than changing the springs to make the car lower and stiffen it up a little. Even that isn't simple though, you can quickly make matters worse rather than better without the right sort of guidance.

With this is mind we have put together a few stage packages so that our customers can enjoy their ride by giving them the confidence in it that we'd like to think is the difference between a good car and an awesome car! Check them out in here