Roush has for generations been a leading brand in Ford performance parts, and we recognise that. In fact, we cut our teeth adding forced induction to the S550 using a Roush unit and have since developed their 'Phase 2' kit to our own 'Phase 6' offering a further 200bhp boost in performance over what is available off of the shelf.

If you have found yourself here looking for the parts check out our Roush supercharger kits, and if you are here looking to have us install a Roush supercharger on your Mustang, then check out our related service options. If you are just curious about supercharging Mustangs in general, then you should find this blog we wrote on the subject interesting enough to scratch that itch.


ROUSH introduced their Phased Mustang Supercharger kits to market for the first generation Coyote - the idea of 'phased' kits are simple: build multiple upgrade options into a single off the shelf kit, allowing ease of development should the need (or want) for more power arise further down the line.


ROUSH Performance has always been recognised for their commitment to utilising the latest in automotive and motorsports technologies to provide their customers with an ultimate, invigorating driving experience. Countless hours of development and testing go into producing their factory quality supercharger systems.

To achieve the level of results that you would expect from Ford themselves Roush go the distance to provide a system that is balanced between performance, reliability and driveability including but not limited to:

  • Laboratory tested in extreme environmental temperatures ranging from -30c to +50c
  • Elevation tests carried out from sea level to 14,000 feet, ensuring quality and performance in all around the world.
  • Developed to meet stringent EPA and CARB emission standards through testing at their in-house EPA approved emissions laboratory.
  • Hundreds of hours of Engine dynamometer testing and development to ensure powertrain durability and reliability.



ROUSH produces quality performance parts you can count on, using factory manufacturing techniques and processes their kits have a genuine quality feel to them instilling the confidence that they deserve even before they are fitted to the car.


Technology Partnership with EATON

To ensure the utmost quality core, Roush teamed up with Eaton Superchargers who manufacture highly engineered, roots-type positive displacement supercharger units. Their award-winning Twin Vortices Series (TVS) technology provides exceptional performance as well as better fuel economy and reduced emissions than older, less sophisticated supercharger models.


The ROUSH R2300 TVS supercharger features twin four-lobe rotors that are twisted 160-degrees. Compared to the original M90 Eaton rotating assembly which featured three lobes twisted 60 degrees the latest design is significantly more efficient and from efficiency comes power. The fourth lobe and added twist, when combined with their latest air inlet and outlet port design, greatly enhance thermal efficiency, delivers higher volumetric capacity, enables higher operating speeds all whilst creating a smoother, more efficient airflow into the engine greatly improving the system's noise and vibration characteristics.