S550 Mustang GT Remap - Manchester

We picked Alan's 2018 GT up from him in Manchester to bring back to the shop for some cheeky upgrades whilst he was at work, help him get through the day.

Alan had a budget in mind and wanted to 'feel the difference' so we put together a short list of driver focused mod's to get him started

  • Steeda cold air intake
  • Steeda front strut brace
  • Steeda IRS base package
  • Steeda progressive lowering springs
  • Roush axle backs
  • Ford performance gear knob
  • Custom tune on our in house Dyno!

We installed the Steeda intake without the new style restrictor and re-calibrated the MAF sensor to allow for the larger diameter MAF housing. After this we moved onto some full throttle power runs to optimise the tune, but it soon became apparent that this GT was running some low octane fuel which stopped us in our tracks. We’ll invite this customer back for a tweak with some proper fuel in it and unlock some more ponies.

360whp - Zero ignition timing adjustment due to poor fuel

Hold out for this cars update, she'll be back soon enough and might even have some Velgens on the horizon.