S550 Power Packages

We bang on about it all the time, the sixth generation Mustang is just that ... the new one. And nowhere does it show it more than under the bonnet. Yes, it's an all new chassis, suspension, interior - O.K. it's a whole new car. But it's power plant is, in true Mustang style, it's party trick.

Before, GT Mustangs did well to have 300 factory Horsepower, running 700hp meant big lopy cams, zero drive-ability and epic engine builds. The S550 GT though made over 400 factory HP and drive-ability actually improves, to a point, as you tune it. The factory car is quite lazy, it sounds lazy and it performs lazy - getting it in shape is what we do, and it's relatively inexpensive to do too.

We've stuck our heads out and gathered together some of the best parts and technology from the biggest names in the game. These names, some new and some old include, but are not limited to, Steeda Autopsort, HP Tuners, Modular Motorsport Racing, KOOKS, Whipple, Roush and Ford themselves. Cherry picking offerings from each, strapping cars to our Dyno and tuning them in house has allowed us to put together some packages to make achieving your goals easy.

QUICK NOTE: We like to use wheel/ hub horsepower here at MAP because that is what we are measuring. Be weary of shops giving you break horsepower (BHP) numbers as gospel, unless of course they whipped your engine out to get an accurate flywheel figure. HAVE A READ HERE FOR MORE INFO ON THAT

Measured at the hubs on our Dynomite axle-hub dyno, our bone stock right hand drive demo car put down 362whp - this is a good indicator of the average power output of a run in factory EU Spec. S550 Mustang GT.