What's more exiting than going fast? Going fast around corners! At Motorsport And Performance we can make that happen.

First of all, there is one thing to bear in mind. Manufacturers spend millions of pounds designing suspension setups, finding a nice medium on the scale of comfort to handling. This means most cars (providing the suspension is in good condition) will be sufficient on their stock suspension to do what the car is designed to do but, you want more from your car, and so do we. When you start upgrading your suspension there will come a point when you loose some comfort, now this isn't always a bad thing. If you're mechanically inclined so to speak, you may find you describe comfort as "lazy" or "boaty" so upgrading your suspension may make your car more comfortable to you.

so, the most popular suspension modification is lowering springs or coilovers. These are not the same modification. coilovers are more track focused as they require adjustment to adapt them between track/street (comfort and usability in mind). When fitting coilovers, its one thing to get the ride height right, but its always good to make sure you've not offset its center of weight. We have a full corner weighting system so we can check that Changing the ride height hasn't messed its weight distribution up. If it is off, its easily sorted with this equipment. Lowering springs are much simpler than coilovers. They are designed to be installed with minimum setup. (all suspension modifications require 4 wheel geometry, this is just second nature) Lowering springs are usually the more popular choice for people who like to get in and just drive, wherever that may be.

If you're wanting to take your car even further there are many more modifications you can do, gearbox bushing is very effective in stopping wheel hop on FWD cars, stiffer roll bars to reduce body roll, chassis bracing to reduce body flex, or keep chassis to body movement to a minimum. The list goes on.

We could make your car handle exceptionally when flat out on track or street. But there may be other factors you cannot live with, that's why here at MAP we will discuss you're uses of the car, what you want out of it, and how far you want to take it ensuring you will fall in love with your car more than ever.

If you have any questions or want to begin your suspension journey, don't hesitate to get in touch!