Try to imagine a car so powerful, so complete and so in your face it would stand out and dominate at any show, on any road or in any other environment and you will find yourself imagining this cars runner up.

When we met Wayne he had already begun modding his car - visually she looked much like the pictures and we weren't left with a great deal to do. Though you'd be forgiven for thinking she'd been modelled out of our sketch book, in reality it's just a coincidence that he shares our good taste!

2018 Supercharged Mustang UK

We couldn't help but want to make such a stunning car into more than a good looker, so when a tentative 'lets talk suspension' turned into Wayne pulling the pin out of the proverbial grenade and setting the gauntlet to start down a path of development that we weren't expecting or fully prepared for - we had no choice but to rise to the challenge.

Whipple supercharger

'Baby steps first' seemed logical, so we decided round one would include the foundations of the build - a 3.0 litre Whipple supercharger (naturally, of course) for the extra poke and the Steeda catalogue of suspension upgrades to compliment the already equipped Velgen VF5's wrapped in Mitchellin Pilot Sport 4S tyres.

Velgen Wheels

Throw in some Carbon fibre and she was ready to be enjoyed ... or so we thought.

Carbon splitter

Looking back, I think Wayne just wanted to check he was happy with what we had done so far because he hadn't left with the car before he'd listed the next round of must haves - including a set of KOOKS headers and MORE power!

Which sounds simple enough I'm sure but this is actually where things started to heat up properly.

After installing the headers along with a Borla mid section silencer to try to tame the now unleashed Borla Attak catback system it became apparent that for whatever reason, this 2018 Mustang GT wasn't going to work on any existing operating system. She made the power on the dyno with a full re-calibration by us but functionally - it just wasn't going to cut it. 

For support here we turned to our software partners HP Tuners and a few software updates later we finally got it nailed down, resulting in another Motorsport and Performance built 850hp weapon that is as at home picking the kids up from school as it is decimating the dreams of any factory built would be racer.

It didn't end there either, the list goes on - Ford performance half shafts, Full Steeda Brake upgrade, Voodoo Paintworks calipers ... plans in the works for a new Diff and who knows what else. Perhaps one day this blog is going to need a sequel but until then, if you see this car on the road (lets face it, if you get close you will!) don't pick a fight with it!

Mustang Specialist