Roush Stage 4 - fix and build!

Motorsport And Performance to the rescue! 

Mark brought his pride and joy to us in hope that we could get it back up and running properly and in a roadworthy condition! After visiting different garages prior to coming to us the car was in a sorry state! The car was full of knocks, bangs and creeks, nuts and bolts left off suspension components, parts not fitted to the car that should have been and have been paid for, a cracked windscreen and many other things not only making this car unsafe to drive on the road but ruining someone’s pride and joy!

As well as chassis issues the car had some very poor running issues just to add to it all! Coughing and spluttering, engine management lights, poor drivability, no end of problems even after multiple tunes from 3 different companies!

We started out by fixing all the chassis rated issues. We ordered in fitting kits for all the components that had been fitted incorrectly so that everything had the correct hardware and torqued up to spec. We then fitted all the parts that should have already been fitted by the previous garage and then carried out a 4 wheel alignment.

After fixing all the suspension issues we moved onto the dyno to fix the running issues and extract some more power. We did a base run just to see what power it was making in current form and it ran 605 whp. Roush Phase 2 Supercharger w/ US Canned tune which was a pretty disappointing result. We later found out that the previous garage had fitted stock heat range spark plugs to the supercharged engine which is a HUGE no no! We found that 2 of the 8 spark plugs had cracked from excessive heat and all the tips were white hot! A recipe for an engine failure if they would have stayed in any longer!

Time to add some upgrades and crank up the power!

• FIC 1000cc injectors
• VMP Twin 67mm throttle body
• VMP 75mm SC pulley
• VMP 90mm Idler pulley
• LTR7IX-11 Spark plugs
• MAP Custom dyno tune

Roush Stage 4 by MAP

Now running 727whp & 588wtq! Over 122whp gain!!!

835bhp & 676ft/lbs at the flywheel!

Stage 4 Roush Supercharged Mustang

All running issue resolved with an extra 122hp at the rear wheels! All suspension issues resolved with a 4 wheel alignment!

It’s going to feel like a new car again 😎

#DoingItTheRightWay @ Motorsport and Performance