Whipple Supercharger Sauce

The Whipple Difference

If you have been here before, you no doubt noticed we definitely have a favourite supercharger brand ... Whipple. This blog is about helping you understand why. 

If you have landed here looking for the parts check out our Whipple supercharger kits, and if you are here looking to have us carry out a Whipple supercharger installation on your Mustang, then check out our related service options. If you are just curious about supercharging Mustangs in general, then you should find this blog we wrote on the subject interesting enough to scratch that itch.

If you want to know more about Whipple Superchargers, keep reading.

So, are Whipple really the best?

First things first, we're not saying we don't like other manufacturers of supercharger units or kits, quite the opposite in fact - there are some excellent options out there, and we love to work with them all. From old school names like Roush to the relatively new guys like VMP Performance - boost is boost, and as long as it's reliable for our customers, any kind is good for us.

In fact, as we covered in our 'Supercharging your Mustang GT' blog (see link above), what is 'best' will vary from one application to the next. Sometimes we'd recommend you stay naturally aspirated and others we will be suggesting turbos to do the trick, 'what is best' has always been and always will be 'what is best for you'.

If you want easy, tyre shredding power to the wheels though, Whipple will give you results!

Take it from Ford and Steeda! 

When power is the name of the game and Whipple do it so effortlessly that even Ford themselves fit Whipple to their CobraJets ... yep, no kidding (until they went electric that is).

Whipple Supercharged Mustang

When our friends Steeda wanted to build their ultimate Steeda Serialised Mustang GT the Steeda Q850 they also had to choose Whipple! 

Whipple Supercharged Q850 Streetfighter

Then why all the fuss?

Well, you see - Whipple in our opinion are the best all-rounders. 

  • Whipple kits are so well designed, they look factory (when they've been installed correctly anyway)
  • Manufactured to withstand a beating ensuring solid reliability
  • Reliability backed up with exemplary customer service.
  • Solid flat torque curve that retains factory engine characteristics (x2)
  • Dedicated Whipple Operating System, written to the factory ECU gives the system a factory feel and quality of driveability.
  • HUGE charge cooler and heat exchanger volume for excellent temperature control
  • HUGE unit volume leaves plenty of headroom for further upgrades
  • Capable of over 1000whp!
  • Black as standard but optional charger colour - ANY colour (this is important!!)

Need I go on...

Whipple Supercharger screws

How much HP does a Whipple supercharger add?

That depends really, Whipple's supercharger kits add from 300hp to the Mustang GT. How much power they are capable of adding depends on the rest of the build but putting a 20psi pulley on the right engine, with the right fuel system, the right exhaust and the right tune will produce well over 1200hp! 

How much power any supercharger will add is more about how much you want and how far you want to go. If you are after easy big power from your Mustang though, nobody will give it to you like Whipple.

How much does a Whipple supercharger cost?

A Whipple supercharger price can look daunting but bang for buck they offer such an obscene hike in power it's hard to ignore the fact that an S550 Mustang equipped with a Whipple is an entirely different car and to match it horsepower for horsepower with anything else, you would need to spend a lot more money than you would have invested in your Mustang fitted with a supercharger.

Starting at around £6800 + local taxes the Stage 1 Whipple Supercharger kit 

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