Tuning the S550 Mustang


As an S550 Mustang specialist we recognise that though the marque has decades of rich history, that should not get in the way of what it is today. Ford pulled out all the stops when they celebrated the Mustangs 50th anniversary, building a modern performance machine that would dominate in any market around the world. To improve on that ... we needed some industry leading partners to work with.

A quick search and one brand kept jumping out at us and it's not surprising why. HP Tuners are a world recognised Goliath in the tuning industry and yep, they specialise in Ford PCM's. Their latest generation of hardware and software offers the fastest reads and writes, unrivalled levels of data integrity and the higher reliability that you need when you are tuning a machine as capable as the S550 Mustang. 

The thing with Tuning software is though, it's not much good without the knowledge to use it. Software engineers are rarely tuners and tuners rarely software engineers (though both require a level of understanding of one anothers trade). It just so happened that whilst we were searching for a system to give us the access to the S550 ECU that we needed to build the ultimate street machines, HP Tuners were looking for professionals to use it on their behalf in the UK and European Markets.

This is where our background in tuning set us apart. Our skills as tuners were forged setting up and tuning fully custom ECU's, writing maps from scratch to run on a wide variety of manufacturers performance cars from the 80's, 90's and 2000's. Anyone who knows of (or anything about) Rotary engines can probably imagine just how unforgiving they are if you don't know exactly what you are doing when tuning an ECU that controls one - and we continue to prove our worth tuning 500hp+ 1.3 litre Rotary's on our Dyno even still today. 

Working with HP Tuners has given us the tools we need to be able to apply that knowledge and experience to your Mustang, or any other car for that matter. Ensuring the best files, the most power and believe it or not, the best economy too.

MAP Packages

The Motorsport and Performance S550 Mustang remap packages offer straight forward solutions to your cars tuning requirements. For those of you looking for that extra edge though, or that have already strayed from the beaten path to achieve the kind of goals most shy from, we also offer fully custom Tuning to address yours and your cars specific requirements.

We also offer plugins to those looking for some nice perks with their remap. These can include but are not limited to:

  • Crackle Overrun
  • Two Step limiter/ Launch control
  • Ghost cams (available only as a file to customers with an N-Gauge or MPVI2 flash device)

Customers in the UK or willing to travel might choose to visit us for a live remap on our Dyno. This is a must to achieve the very best and most precise results and we recommend it wherever it is practical, particularly for cars running forced induction.

For those without that flexibility though we also offer MAP tuning files and Hardware options to allow you to benefit from our expertise whilst having the convenience of being able to apply the files at home, anywhere in the world.