Steeda Focus ST Stage 1 SCT X3 Tuner


Enhance the already awesome performance of your Focus ST with Stage 1 Steeda Certified Custom Tune. 

This tuning device plugs right into the ODBII service port of your vehicle and programs your Focus ST with new timing and fuel maps for improved power. 

Our Steeda Certified Custom Tune went through extensive development and dyno testing to deliver the safest calibration possible with impressive power gains, safety, and excellent driveability. Extensive changes to spark timing, fuel, camshaft timing, and many other parameters are made to insure both power and safety. 

Peak to Peak horsepower gains of 15 horsepower can be expected, with point to point gains of as much as 28 horsepower to the front wheels. You can also expect up to 56 ft/lbs of torque to be gained. These impressive gains can be found throughout the entire powerband from just off idle to redline. 

Note: Minimum 95 octane fuel required. For even better power gains, check out our Stage 2 Power Pack

Product Benefits

  • Easy plug in installation
  • Gains of up to 28 horsepower and 56 ft/lbs of torque!
  • Improved throttle response
Fits Vehicle Models 

2014 Ford Focus ST
2013 Ford Focus ST

Reviewed by tehusername1
tehusername1 bought "Focus ST Stage 1 SCT X3 Tuner - 13-14 ST" on our website
09/09/2013 - 04:08:58 PM
As good as it gets!
The first thing I noticed after installing the tune was how nicer the car drove around town. It feels different. Much smoother. Shifting is easier as well for some strange reason (I think they adjusted how the RPMs drop after you push the clutch in). Those with stock motor mounts and the stock tune know that shifting can sometimes be a very hit or miss experience with the ST but all of that is completely gone with this tune for some reason. It made the car much more enjoyable to drive in traffic! As nice as the power gains (discussed below) are, this is seriously something I did not expect from this tune and blew me away immediately.

Then you hit the gas. WOW. It just pulls, and pulls, and PULLS! The powerband isn't nearly as abrupt as it was stock and the drop-off in power up top feels almost non-existent now. I notice now when I floor it I have to shift into the next gear a lot sooner and it's not because the car feels like it's dying but because I'm already out of gear. Considering it's one of the tunes that's considered a safe tune (meaning it's not tuned for all out power), I'm amazed at how much more powerful the car feels. It's a night and day transformation! I read constantly about other tuners and the reports people have of turbo flutter, surging, noises that make them nervous, issues with the "latest and greatest update," etc., and it really makes me happy to know that I have zero of those issues right out of the box. Sure I might sacrifice a little power, but I'm getting something that feels more refined than the tune Ford put on this car from the factory right from the get-go. No messaging people asking them for updates. None of it.

The car drives fantastic in town, and when I hit the loud pedal it's a completely different beast now. And it's all backed by the safety and reliability I know Steeda is known to deliver upon. Steeda really nailed it with this tune and I seriously could not be happier with my decision to use them.
  • 5/5
Reviewed by johnsjr5
johnsjr5 bought "Focus ST Stage 1 SCT X3 Tuner - 13-14 ST" on our website
08/23/2013 - 08:29:03 PM
Great Tune
The new tune feels great in the car...coupled with a cold air intake (another brand) and a Magnaflow exhaust, the car is a beast! Pulls so hard and is hunting for traction thru 1st and all of 2nd!

One issue was SCT tuner was not updated with latest firmware/software and program wouldn't load into car. I called Steeda up and they directed me to download the latest files for the turner from SCT website. Sort of a pain, but once updating tuner, all was good. My only wish was the Steeda would have downloaded latest files for the tuner when they uploaded their tune piror to sending it to me.
  • 5/5
Reviewed by sting900
04/09/2013 - 06:06:52 PM
Steeda tune

I just wanted to pass on my appreciation for the refinement of the Steeda tune I have been using on my 2013 Focus ST. I was looking for a significant power increase AND an improvement the driveability and interaction with the vehicle. I found both with your tune.

Since buying my ST, I have used a total of four tunes, including the stock tune. The ST was a quick car to start, but it was obvious there was more to be had with a tune. The power band was strong, but the motor did not offer itself to smooth and seamless driving. The rpms would float during gear changes and the power band was jerky at times. I then tried two other aftermarket tunes and realized the power potential of the ST. Both tunes brought significant power increases with them and the smiles while driving became wide because of it. The issue I noticed with both of the other aftermarket tunes was that the engine seemed to be wound tight. They felt "racer-boy.š Like the tune chased only dyno numbers with disregard to the driver®s interaction with the car. The turbo would spool hard with very little throttle tip in and a very abrupt boost hit would arrive at about the 3/4 throttle position. Not only was the throttle touchy, but the sounds the turbo made brought concern to mind. Even while driving the car lightly in traffic I could hear the turbo cranking up hard with barely any throttle in any gear. The BPV would make loud shuttering sounds, both while on the gas and when letting off the gas. Part throttle or full throttle, didn®t matter. Even though I was enjoying the added power, I was left wondering if the party going on under the hood would last. Would the tunes bring with them reliability concerns because they were cranked up so far.

I then decided to try the Steeda tune. What a difference in the overall feel of the car compared to what I had been using. Just a major improvement in the way the car ran compared to what I had been using. I was now able to interact with the car the way I wanted to. I could finesse the car. I could smoothly row the gears when I wanted to without any significant rpm floating or jerk from the throttle. The BPV didn®t produce anywhere near the amount of shutter sounds I had experienced with the other tunes. The throttle tip in was calm with a gradual increase in power as the throttle was opened. The hard and obvious hit at the 3/4 position was significantly smoothed out and the transition from light to WOT was much more consistent. The engine sounded like it was running on a well researched and properly programed tune. I no longer felt any concern for the well being of my car because of the aftermarket tune. I felt like the car was now running the way it should. The added power was just a bonus. I®d go so far as to say that the improvement in the feel of the car and the refinement of the tune is worth the flash alone. The dramatic power increase and an increase in MPG is icing. 

Overall the Steeda tune is just what I was looking for. A big time increase in power while adding refinement to my driving experience. 

Thank you for taking the time to offer a quality tune that is focused at improving the total package.

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