The S550 Mustang enjoys been the first regular production Mustang with independent rear suspension. But Ford didn't fix everything ... the factory car is still pretty scary when you show it some twisties!

If you have climbed out of an M, AMG or RS into your Mustang you are probably already missing your German chassis and we don't blame you.

The good news is though, it doesn't have to be like that. Although Ford didn't fix everything they did literally leave room on the table for improvement. And to make the most of that we have teamed up with world leading Mustang and vehicle dynamics specialist Steeda, to help you make the most of your chassis. 

Making suspension alterations isn't a straight forward science, few of us know much better than changing the springs to make the car lower and stiffen it up a little. Even that isn't simple though, you can quickly make matters worse rather than better without the right sort of guidance.

With this is mind we have put together a few stage packages so that our customers can enjoy their ride by giving them the confidence in it that we'd like to think is the difference between a good car and an awesome car!

Mustang Upgrades

Note: Stage 5 is plus stage 4, stage 4 is plus stage 3 and so on. If you are looking to jump 'to' there is often overlap in labour charges so it's worth contacting us for a new total based on your requirements. 

MAP Mustang Stage 0 Chassis and Suspension

Stage 1 suggests an upgrade ... so we have a stage 0 for the Mustang. Basically, if you enjoy the performance of your Mustang and she is a performance car to you (you'd have bought a diesel 3 series if not, right?) then this is 101, how it should have been.

  • Steeda Sport Progressive Lowering Springs
  • Steeda Rear subframe alignment kit
  • Steeda IRS Bushing support system

Take it a step further with Stage 0.5 by swapping out the Progressive springs with Linear springs.

This will immediately make a huge difference to the ride of your Mustang, instilling a level of confidence in the chassis that will mean the difference between going around a round about with your eyes closed praying and your eyes wide open grinning. No joke - GT, EcoBoost or having your friend push you, this package is for you.

Package price fitted: £749.00

MAP Mustang Stage 1 Chassis and Suspension 

IRS braces, strut brace, K-brace

MAP Mustang Stage 2 Chassis and Suspension

Tyres, suspension useless without the right wheels and tyres. Velgen drop in + Mitchelin. expesnive but without this step theres no point in stage 3 + 4 AND the visual impact is epic .... best money to spend, just needs to be timed right to get the most out of it.

MAP Mustang Stage 3 Chassis and Suspension

ARB's, drop links, billet arb mounts, and remainder of the stop the hop

MAP Mustang Stage 4 Chassis and Suspension

Coilovers and shockmounts, camber plates, bump stops, and bump steer kit.

MAP Mustang Stage 5 Chassis and Suspension

Really looking to take your Mustang to uncharted heights in the cornering department? Mustangs are not exactly known for their ability to put competitive lap times down on Euro circuits ... so imagine the grumbles you'll muster when you show up at Donington Park in a Mustang sporting the best that Steeda, Mitchellin, Velgen and MAP have to offer and start to really worry those out there in their Exotic Euro models.

This is where we go through and replace everything that is left to replace.