We bang on about it all the time, the sixth generation Mustang is just that ... the new one. And nowhere does it show it more than under the bonnet. Yes, it's an all new chassis, suspension, interior - O.K. it's a whole new car. But it's power plant is, in true Mustang style, it's party trick.

Before, GT Mustangs did well to have 300 factory Horsepower, running 700hp meant big lopy cams, zero drive-ability and epic engine builds. The S550 GT though made over 400 factory HP and drive-ability actually improves, to a point, as you tune it. The factory car is quite lazy, it sounds lazy and it performs lazy - getting it in shape is what we do, and it's relatively inexpensive to do too.

We've stuck our heads out and gathered together some of the best parts and technology from the biggest names in the game. These names, some new and some old include, but are not limited to, Steeda Autopsort, HP Tuners, Modular Motorsport Racing, KOOKS, Whipple, Roush and Ford themselves. Cherry picking offerings from each, strapping cars to our Dyno and tuning them in house has allowed us to put together some packages to make achieving your goals easy.

QUICK NOTE: We like to use wheel/ hub horsepower here at MAP because that is what we are measuring. Be weary of shops giving you break horsepower (BHP) numbers as gospel, unless of course they whipped your engine out to get an accurate flywheel figure. HAVE A READ HERE FOR MORE INFO ON THAT

Measured at the hubs on our Dynomite axle-hub dyno, our bone stock right hand drive demo car put down 362whp - this is a good indicator of the average power output of a run in factory EU Spec. S550 Mustang GT.

(can we split this bit up into 2 collections? one for NA and one for forced induction?)

Naturally Aspirated Stages

MAP NA Mustang Stage 0 Power Package

Stage 0? Sounds boring and it is. This package is actually designed to save you money. We're going to let you in on a secret. 

The ECU in the Sixth Generation S550 Mustang is an incredibly versatile and proficient piece of kit with a full repertoire of tricks up its sleeve.

Not content with being told what to do it uses it's various sensors to do everything. It will retard and advance ignition timing on it's own as needed, calculate it's optimum cam timing based on algorithms and fatten up fuelling to protect the engine and Catalytic converters from excess heat. Only when you start to change things does it lose it's ability to optimise engine operation without a remap.

So before you pull the trigger on that 'Remap' from your local tuning shop or man in a van promising a 5% or 10% increase in power with nothing more than a quick flash ... please heed our warning. It will achieve nothing. 

Cost including fitting £0.00

Unless you want it proving to you on the Dyno, in which case the power run package cost applies.

MAP NA Mustang Stage 1 Power Package

Stage 1 power also sounds pretty boring, but this one isn't. 

To achieve an increase in power from the S550, as outlined in stage 0, you have to give the engine something to work with. Only then can you remap the ECU to re-optimise performance. As a prime and relevant example, changing the intake system on the car for a bigger diameter less restrictive system also breaks the factory preset perimeters for fuelling and cam timing, without a tune it can be counter productive. 

Back to back testing on car after car has proven the gains achievable by fitting the Steeda PROFLOW cold air intake, changing the oil for Millers Nanodrive and then tuning, so we have made this our stage 1 Package

  • Steeda PROFLOW cold air intake system
  • Millers Oils 0w20 Nanodrive NT+ oil and obligatory oil filter
  • MAP on Dyno live remap with printout for that perfect tune
  • Custom launch control software installation

Note: we can also offer this package to ship out - it can work with the HPtuners MPVI2 or nGauge Alternatively Steeda offer a tune on an SCT flash device.

Expected tuned output is at or around 400whp - which is, depending on your preferred drivetrain loss percentage, as much as 480bhp!

To really get the full effect from this why not take it a step further to 'MAP Stage 1.5' by adding an Axle back exhaust system into the mix and unlock that V8 sound. Or 'stage 1.75' with a full catback system including an X or H pipe to really help scavenge some extra power out of her. We offer Multiple options of exhaust systems, please contact us for more info or check out our Mustang store.

MAP NA Mustang Stage 2 Power Package

Stage 2, all of stage 1 + headers and de-cats or highflow cats

NOTE: Fancy a supercharger? We recommend you stop here for NA modding as continuing will ultimately prove a waste. Save up for the big jump to forced induction.

MAP NA Mustang Stage 3 Power Package

Looking to be different? like the sound of 8000rpm NA screamer with a flat wide power band?

GT350 intake manifold and throttle body + tune

MAP NA Mustang Stage 4 Power Package

We're getting into the realms of 'price on application' now as stage 4 NA is not really something that you build as a package. This is the section for a full NA built engine, lightened and balanced, flat-plane crank, lightened flywheel, cam's .... sound familiar? It should, we're talking about a blueprinted Voodoo engine without the hindrance of emission regulations, comfort considerations and economy. Like the sound of 9000rpm 550+hp naturally aspirated 5.0 V8? So do we!

Forced Induction Stages

Here at Motorsport and Performance we can fit, modify and tune any of the forced induction packages available from any of the big firms including Edelblock Racing, Kenny Bell, Roush/ Ford Performance, Whipple, VMP, Vortech, ProCharger - depending on your requirements.

For the purpose of our set stages though we will stick to the 2 most popular in the UK, Roush and our favourite Whipple.

MAP FI Stage 1 and 2

In the old days they'd say 'no point try'na reinvent the wheel' and like most snippits of wisdom from our ancestors (like 'he who dies with the most toy's wins') they were absolutely right. So rather than try, our stage 1 forced induction packages are actually the Roush and Whipple stage 1 supercharger packages but with the option of a MAP tuning file rather than theirs.

Why use our file instead of theirs? Aside from been more accurate and less conservative, starting with our file means you are not restricted when modding in the future as we can adapt our tuning files to suit your car regardless of the directions you take with your car from here on.

Roush Supercharger Packages

Roush built their supercharger New High-flow Technology. The ROUSH Phase 1 R2300 supercharger features Eaton's all-new “2nd GEN” Twin Vortices Series technology (TVS) rotating assembly that features improved inlet and outlet porting for additional volume and better efficiency to deliver more power and increased fuel economy in a smaller package for uncompromising performance. This a roots-type, positive displacement supercharger features twin four-lobe rotors that are twisted 160-degrees to greatly enhance thermal efficiency, enabling higher volume capacity, and higher operational speeds. 

Stage 1 - injector size etc

stage 2 - injector size etc


Whipple Supercharger Packages


MAP Supercharger Package extensions

Whipple stage 3