The Motorsport and Performance S550 Mustang remap packages offer straight forward solutions to your cars tuning requirements. For those of you looking for that extra edge though, or that have already strayed from the beaten path to achieve the kind of goals most shy from, we also offer fully custom Tuning to address yours and your cars specific requirements.

We also offer plugins to those looking for some nice perks with their remap. These can include but are not limited to:

  • Crackle Overrun
  • Two Step limiter/ Launch control
  • Ghost cams (available only as a file to customers with an N-Gauge or MPVI2 flash device)

Customers in the UK or willing to travel might choose to visit us for a live remap on our Dyno. This is a must to achieve the very best and most precise results and we recommend it wherever it is practical, particularly for cars running forced induction.

For those without that flexibility though we also offer MAP tuning files and Hardware options to allow you to benefit from our expertise whilst having the convenience of being able to apply the files at home, anywhere in the world.

Interested in what give us that edge with your Mustang? Have a read HERE 

MAP Mustang Live Tuning

Live tuning is primarily carried out on our in house Axle-Hub Dyno at MAP HQ. Live tuning sessions can be arranged with us in instances where distance to ourselves is an issue, you have access to a suitable Dyno setup and have either an N-Gauge or HP Tuners MPVI2 in order to flash your car with our files. 

S550 GT live tune Naturally Aspirated - NA with an intake/ exhaust? We'll ensure your car is running as efficiently as possible, dial in the sensors to ensure perfect operation and optimise all engine parameters to extract Maximum horsepower and torque from your engine. As a bi-product this will also return the best achievable fuel economy ... provided you can resist enjoying the extra power with the loud pedal that is. 

Price including base file: £449.00

S550 EcoBoost Live tune - There's no getting away from it, there's no substitute for turbos when it comes to making quick and easy power with a remap. The EcoBoost Mustang, just like the Focus, Fiesta and Mondeo, is no exception. So for EcoBoost engines we offer tuning that free's up that locked up power safely and without drawbacks.

Price including base file: £449.00

S550 GT Live tune Forced Induction - Turbocharged or supercharged? Although we are sure you are reasonably happy with the tune that came with your bolt on kit, it's always worth noting that it can still be better. To us, a base file is a base file. We don't claim to be better at tuning than the main guy writing Whipple or Ford Performance maps or even Ford themselves maps, we're not. But give them or us your car to tune live, running your fuel in your environment and that allows us to narrow down the margins that are required to be able to write a tune that is just as safe in Manchester as it is in Denver or Melbourne. Live tuning with us is that 10% that makes a tune right rather than good enough and comes with all the benefits associated with that.

Price including base file: £649.99

S550 GT and EcoBoost Live tune custom - What's your spec list? Whipple Supercharger? KOOKS headers? NOS? Hellion Turbos? All of the above, 2000hp target drag monster?

Custom EFR turbo build on a forged EcoBoost targeting 550bhp?

No problem, you're in the right place. Having the best, latest software and hardware, Dyno and Cell, teamed up with our expertise in the field enables us to cover all bases with your off the track Mustang GT or EcoBoost.  Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Price: POA

MAP Mustang Re-flash Tunes

Teaming up with the guys at HP Tuners has allowed us to offer our customers, far and wide, tuning solutions that work around them. Enabling you to flash your own ECU with pre-built files from us is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the capability of these products though. For more information on the HP Tuners MPVI2 or the nGauge please view their product pages here:

MPVI2 product page

nGauge product page


Tune at home? Sounds perfect. How does it work?