Mustang Interim Service

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This service is for all Ford Mustang models sold in the UK since 2015. It is also suitable for coyote equipped Mustang GT's, year model 2011+

This service is an interim or 5000-mile service that should be used alongside a regular annual service schedule and is aimed at owners who are focused on keeping their pride and joy in the very best condition. 

Model compatibility:

  • 2015-2018 Mustang GT
  • 2015-2018 Mustang EcoBoost
  • 2018+ Mustang GT
  • 2018+ Mustang EcoBoost
  • 2019-2020 Mustang Bullitt
  • 2021 Mustang Mach1

The service essentially consists of:

  • Engine oil replacement
  • Engine oil filter replacement
  • General Health check

Because Fords 'intelligent oil life monitoring system' will advise that you to replace your oil depending on the driving style that you prefer, rather than by time or mileage, it is not uncommon for the oil service light to come around sooner than your annual service would be due. 

See the table below for Ford's own breakdown of how the engine oil monitoring system works.

When to expect the message to prompt you to change your oil 
Interval  Vehicle use and example 
7000-10000 mi   (12,000–16,000 km)  Normal 
Normal commuting with motorway driving.  No, or moderate, load or towing.  Flat to moderately hilly roads.  No extended idling. 
5000–7000 mi (8,000–11,999 km)  Severe 
Fast Road, moderate to heavy load or towing.  Mountainous or off-road conditions.  Extended idling.  Extended hot or cold operation.  High engine speeds and loads, engine braking and hard cornering. 
3000–5000 mi (4,800–7,999 km)  Extreme 
Maximum load, high revving, high power or forced induction engines. Extreme hot or cold operation. Track days, drag days and 'ahem' enthusiastic road driving.


For more detailed information regarding Ford's own service guidelines, please take some time to read our blog on the topic.

If during the ownership of your car it becomes apparent that you are landing in the severe or extreme sections of the above guidelines you can use this 'Interim Service' to ensure your engine oil is maintained as required without subjecting the car or your pocket to full annual service schedule multiple times per anum.

In some cases, customers prefer to do regular oil changes for peace of mind; this is another instance where this service should be used over the general annual service schedule.

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