Kooks S550 GT Long Tube Headers


Climbing the power ladder is all about overcoming the next restriction in the system. For ultimate performance, we are eventually going to need to free up the exhaust by replacing those factory 4-2-1 exhaust manifolds. Kooks provide their renowned Long Tube Headers as part of a complete Kooks Exhaust system, to add to your existing aftermarket Catback, or to add to a factory standard exhaust system.

You will see bolt-on power gains with these systems but nothing like the magic we can make happen with a full custom recalibration on our dyno. To make the most of your investment and avoid any disappointment, we strongly recommend you let us dial her incorrectly.

KOOKS manufacture these headers to fit with OEM and other aftermarket cat-back systems (including the Kooks cat-back's). For a proper 3" 'All the way' system, you can buy purchase a FULL KOOKS system that run's solid 3" from the collectors right the way to the tips.

The headers are available with:

  1. Decat pipes (not road legal)
  2. Kooks High Flow 300 Cell cats (adequate for most fast road applications)
  3. Green Super High Quality 300 Cell cats - for mega power and regular track applications

Kooks Header systems come in 1 3/4" or 1 7/8" x 3" variations and include:

  • Includes Kooks Decat / Race Catted / Green catted Connection Pipes
  • O2 sensor wiring extensions 
  • Multi-layer metal Manifold Gaskets 
  • Stage 8 locking hardware

Size Guide Tip: Listen, bigger is not always better! Are you planning on running 1000bhp? If not then 1 3/4" headers are perfectly adequate for you. If you want bigger or do plan on running some crazy NA or FI power figures then treat yourself and get some 1 7/8" headers. Don't be tempted to go bigger just because though, if you are unsure, please feel free to shoot us a message.

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