S550 GT Stage 0 NA

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Getting the MOST from your stock car in terms of power and drive-ability.

The Mustang ECU has the ability to monitor frequencies from the knocks sensors which allows the ECU to adjust ignition timing accordingly. If it detects excessive noise (Knock) it will reduce the the final ignition angle to protect from detonation. On the flip side, if the knock sensors detect minimal noise then the ECU can use that information to slightly advance the ignition angle which created more power. So, if you run 99 octane fuel instead of 95 octane fuel you WILL feel a difference in some parts of the rev range under full throttle and even responsiveness on throttle tip-in

However, to get the MOST out of your stock setup you need a tune and this why!

The stock Mustang GT implements various torque limitations in both the engine and transmission control units to limit the amount of torque the engine can make, it does this by closing the throttle plate as much as it is needed to keep the torque produced under the set limit. When running higher octane fuel the ECU advances the ignition angle which produces more torque than the stock torque limit, so the ECU modulates throttle angle throughout a wide-open pull to control torque which stops you from making all the power you could.

With a tune we can alter torque control strategies within the ECU to allow the engine to make the most power it can on higher octane fuels. Meaning the throttle plate will stay open for the duration of a wide open throttle pull, giving you more power and a much smoother sweep of the engines rev range.

If you religiously use 98-99 octane fuel we can build a custom tune to suit one specific fuel type, meaning your engine will make plenty more power, consistently without any torque intervention or inconsistency of spark adders. 

As well as more power we can calibrate additional extras such as active launch control, O2 Failure protection strategies, overrun burbles / crackles etc

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