S550 GT Stage 1 NA

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Stage 1 power also sounds pretty boring, but this one isn't. 

To achieve an increase in power from the S550, as outlined in stage 0, you have to give the engine something to work with. Only then can you remap the ECU to re-optimise performance. As a prime and relevant example, changing the intake system on the car for a bigger diameter less restrictive system also breaks the factory preset perimeters for fuelling and cam timing, without a tune it can be counterproductive. 

Back to back testing on car after car has proven the gains achievable by fitting the Steeda PROFLOW cold air intake, changing the oil for Millers Nanodrive and then tuning, so we have made this our stage 1 Package

  • Steeda PROFLOW cold air intake system
  • Millers Oils 0w20 Nanodrive NT+ oil and obligatory oil filter
  • MAP on Dyno live remap with a printout for that perfect tune
  • Custom launch control software installation

Note: we can also offer this package to ship out - it can work with the HPtuners MPVI2 or nGauge. Alternatively, Steeda offers a tune on an SCT flash device.

Expected tuned output is at or around 400whp - which is, depending on your preferred drivetrain loss percentage, as much as 480bhp!


To really get the full effect from this why not take it a step further to 'MAP Stage 1.5' by adding an Axle-back exhaust system into the mix and unlock that V8 sound. Or 'stage 1.75' with a full catback system including an X or H pipe to really help scavenge some extra power out of her. We offer Multiple options of exhaust systems, please contact us for more info or check out our Mustang store to pick your preferred system.

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