Steeda Fiesta Cold Air Intake


Designed and tested before the car was for sale thanks to our exclusive partnership with Ford Motor Company. The kit is built from stainless steel and billet aluminium to ensure strength, looks, function, and durability.

This Steeda Cold Air Induction kit takes your car to the next level of performance and class. Designed to be an easy replacement of the factory air box while still retaining function of the intake scoop at the grille for a cool air intake charge. The kit comes with a serviceable, one million mile warranty, high flow air filter.

Also included is a billet aluminium mass air flow sensor housing which is made in house. The shield is designed to keep hot air out of the engine and provide the coolest, densest air charge possible to build horsepower and torque.

Race track tested and race proven to ensure it can stand up to anything you can throw at it and deliver performance along with great looks.

Note: Steeda's cold air intake for the Ford Fiesta does not require a tune. Designed to fit all PETROL Fiesta models

Product Benefits

  • Increased horsepower and torque
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Made from billet aluminium and high quality stainless steel
  • Designed and manufactured in the United States
  • Usually in stock in the UK

Steeda part: 555-3154 

US Customer Reviews

"I installed the kit and tube about two months ago, but wanted to wait until I drove the car a while before I made an entry. I'm definitely getting better gas mileage . . . perfect highway driving conditions and no A/C yielded 47 MPG on a 60 mile round trip. I think the increase in MPG is about 2 to 4 on average. I'm very pleased. Combined city/highway MPG has improved as well and the car pulls a bit better on hills. There's a little more noise coming from the intake vs. the stock air box, but that's a small price to pay for the benefit."

"sounds good, easy install, clean look. Also see a slight increase in MPG."

"It was very simple to install and all of the parts fit well. Though it wasn't a scientific test, I used my Garmin ECO route and looked at the gauges before I changed it out and at 70 degrees it was reading an 86 degree air charge. After the change and it being roughly 5 degrees warmer it had a charge of 73 degrees. Both were with the engine at operating temp of around 200 degrees. There was a definite "seat of the pants" increase as well as me noticing that when I went up hills with the cruise on it was able to maintain speed easier with less MPG fluctuation and loss compared to the factory intake set-up. The only draw back was I thought the system was going to be numbered like what was shown in the video."

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