Steeda Fiesta Rear Anti Roll Bar


Steeda's rear swaybar for the Ford Fiesta increases rear suspension roll stiffness to help reduce vehicle understeer and improve vehicle handling.

Steeda's rear swaybar is constructed of lightweight chrome moly steel and TIG welded for high strenght.

Tracked tested on numerous tracks to ensure proper handling and build quality, including Sebring International Raceway.

Note:Installation of this bar does require some minor modifications to your vehicle, such as drilling holes.

Product Benefits

  • Improved handling
  • Lightweight design
  • Powder coated finish
  • Usually in stock in the UK.
Steeda part: 555-1074 

US Customer Reviews

"Okay this product really does do a great job of tighten up the new Ford Fiesta! Just point the front end in any direction and the car shoots that direction! Body roll is greatly reduced. The product is very nicely built and the finish is superb. It is a shame that for the most part it is nearly completely hidden once installed. Installation took some work, but even then it was about an hour. The steel the axle is made of is very hard. Have some really good drill bits and use a center punch. Take your time making the marks. Install the bar and torque the top bolts. It will be easiest to cut all four holes from the rear of the axle (and vehicle). Once the rear holes are cut, use a pencil to mark the opening of the shaft in the inside front of the axle by pushing the pencil through the newly drilled hole and shaft of the sway bar. Mark the inner circumference of the hole. Then drop the bar and find the center of the circle you marked on the front inside axle (U-Channel). You can now cut the holes in the front of the axle. You may need some longer drill bits to reach through the existing hole and cut the front hole, but since the room is limited to get a drill from the front, this ended up being the easiest way to do it. As you reinstall the bar, push the 1/2inch bolts through the cut holes and torque the top bolts first. Then torque the two 1/2inch bolts. Then DRIVE! Buy this sway bar. You will not be disappointed."

"This sway bar is a bit different than what one might think of as a sway bar, but it does work. I thought of it as more of a stiffener. However, after installing the device the effect was quite noticeable. The car felt more solid and it did corner better than before. One note though, it's not a quick bolt-on as most sway bars are. It did require the drilling of 1/2" holes through the rear axle to get it installed. It wasn't particularly difficult, but one should pay close attention to detail when marking the hole locations. I would recommend this item to Fiesta owners who want their car to handle better. Nice product. High quality."

"easy install, Fiesta feels alot tighter and more stable/balanced in turning. Works great with stock front sway bar. Understeer is greatly reduced almost none at all!"

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