Steeda Focus Tri Ax Short Shifter

This combination kit is the ultimate kit for the absolute shortest shifter throws and positive shifter feel, with an adjustable throw reduction of up to 50%!  

This kit combines our positive and accurate Tri-Ax short throw shifter for your 2012+ Focus with our throw reduction bracket.  

Our Tri-Ax shifter was designed, tested, manufactured, and assembled in our Valdosta, Georgia manufacturing facility.  Designed to completely retain the shifter comfort and ergonomics while still providing a shorter throw. This shifter is not just a basic "cut an inch off the lever" design manufactured overseas as other companies do.  

There are no modifications to the lateral gate throw to prevent missed 2-3 and 4-5 shifts that can occur with other designs. The Pivot mechanism has three throw adjustment positions, each good for five percent throw adjustments for fine tuning to your liking for a maximum throw reduction of 15%. The shifter comes with a completely re-engineered aerospace grade aluminium pivot mechanism and lever. OEM grade ball studs, and stainless hardware included.  Threaded to accept the factory knob/boot, or most other knobs/boots with a M12-1.25 thread.  

Our throw reduction bracket mounts to the transmission shifter input bracket on top of the transmission. It does not require any permanent modifications and reduces the shifter throw thirty five percent! Combined with the 5 to 15% throw adjustment of the Tri-Ax shifter you have a total throw reduction range of 40 to 50%!  

 Milled in house from billet steel, then TIG welded, and finally nickel plated for strength and corrosion resistance right here in the USA.  

 Note: For Tri-Ax shifter maximum throw reduction requires permanent modifications to non-visible centre console components. Minimum throw reduction requires no permanent modifications.    

Note: This product fits all Focus 5 speed manual models only, Our Focus ST Short Shifter is also available  HERE

Product Benefits     

  • Preserved shifter ergonomics
  • Lightweight aluminium construction
  • Accepts factory or aftermarket shifter knobs
  • Up to 50% reduction in shifter throw! 
  • Usually in stock in the UK
Steeda part: 555-7238

Time of Install
1 Hour 
Level of Difficulty
Easy Tools Needed
Basic Tools   

US Customer Reviews

"Well many on the focus forums know that I love this product. I have had short throw kits on all of my cars. And with out a doubt the Steeda kit is the best one I have used. The throws are crisp and have a re assuring feel when going into a gear, and still gives a nice short throw with out the slop side to side other cheaper kits will have. If you buy this you will not regret it!"

"Installed the Steeda 555-7238 short throw shifter in my 2012 S sedan several weeks ago. The install is simple, and the instructions are great. The throw reduction bracket required a little attention, (pressing into position), but fits in place well. The 50% throw reduction is great. I ran the car hard at Willow Springs, Streets of Willow this Sunday, and the shifter functioned perfectly. Thanks Steeda for designing and manufacturing this product."

"I was actually really hesitant to try this short shifter, as nearly every one I've used just did not feel right in some way. I also really didn't have any issues with the stock shifter feel. However, the feedback from those who had them already convinced me it just might be worth my while. I'm happy to say this was money well spent. The shifter feel is very positive and actually more precise in my opinion than stock and the shortness of the throws are as advertised. Maintaining the solid shift feel was crucial for me, as there is nothing worse to me than a vague shifter (not to mention paying money for one!). The kit may seem expensive for those who haven't paid for a FULL short shifter kit, but you are getting what you pay for in my opinion. You have to make some adjustments to pieces on the car to get proper fitment, but it's nothing unheard of. All the pieces of the kit did their jobs and fit well. I'll add a few tips to those who are considering or buying this kit: - Install time could be an hour... but most likely not unless you've done it before. I'd give yourself at least a two hour window. The shifter can be a pain without two people, but the bracket is straightforward. - Make sure to have some extra grease around for the ball portion of the shifter (part that allows you to move it around). It'll help keep it from feeling "sticky" when rowing through gears. - A weighted knob (like the stock knob or heavier) will help with the shift feel for most people. You can definitely shift pretty well with a lighter knob, but a heavier one will make it easier. You do have to put a little bit more effort into shifting compared to stock."

"Just got the shifter installed. I Love it! There was a small issue fitting the bracket onto the transmission but it wasn't anything serious. It gives the shorter a whole new feel and makes it much shorter. Definitely worth the money and makes this car even more fun! Highly Recomended!"

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