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Our relationship with the guys at Steeda UK and Steeda EU stems back even further than the S550 Mustang GT and it's introduction to the European automotive markets. When the car arrived here, Steeda were one of the first brands on our shores to start making quality aftermarket products available to the community, all of which are available for installation at our HQ or to purchase on our online store.

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We were approached to become a dealer reasonably early on but at that time we were busy building the infrastructure that we have in place today. Once that was finished it was an easy decision to make to apply it to the Ford Mustang with our old friends before any other car manufacturer or model.

Whilst Steeda were keen to team up with a known trusted shop to serve their customers with the facilities and knowhow to uphold their high standards of service we were contemplating our next target market. 

Fast forward to today and we are now Steeda's leading official European dealer. We not only offer their entire repertoire of products for sale but can also provide installation services, warranty support and technical support on behalf of Steeda.

Steeda? what's the big deal then?

The biggest independent name in Ford performance, with 30 years behind them, working hand in hand with Ford Motor Company themselves - nobody does 'fast Ford' like Steeda.

Founded in 1988 by Dario Orlando when he decided it was time to take his years of experience engineering and developing race cars and apply them to Ford Mustang, the goal to achieve unparalleled performance and use the platform to win. 30+ Years later, his vision has evolved into the world-class operation it is today. With design, engineering, manufacturing, and retail operations all fully in house, Steeda Autosports boasts the biggest line-up of Ford performance parts and accessories in the world. 


Since opening, Steeda's production car based vehicles have won more races, set more records and won more championships than any their competitors including Shelby, Saleen, and Roush! The whole team at Steeda lives and breaths high performance, it is literally their moto, 'Speed Matters'.

From Drag Racing to circuit racing, Steeda has designed and manufactured the parts to give you what you need to win. They continue to develop parts for Ford's Models, from harder braking to more power, transmission to suspension, from styling to functional aero. If they see an opportunity to make your Ford better, they make it better.

For Premium Quality use Steeda

With their HQ based at an extensive site located in Pompano Beach, Florida, Steeda Autosports is the largest privately-owned Ford performance-based manufacturer in the world.

2008 saw the opening of a second facility in Valdosta, Georgia. The new facility, set on a plot of 35 acres, includes a 100,000 sq. ft. building allowing for additional design, engineering, manufacturing, and support operations, a 1.2-mile all-weather test track, skidpan, brake test area, and dynamic road surface area all aid in the further development and refinement of their Ford performance products.

Alongside their array of top-quality components, Steeda is also famed for our SSV (Steeda Serialised Vehicle) range - turn-key cars built by us for the European markets available to purchase from us, or through one of Steeda's appointed Ford dealers, including Sandicliffe Ford and Haynes Ford. Whether you want a Steeda Fiesta or a Steeda widebody GT500 Mustang, a SSV shows you appreciate the best Ford car money can buy!

Don't take our word for it, here's an interview with the man himself:

Steeda Mustangs

We build a range of Mustang Serialised Vehicles on behalf of Steeda, taking Mustang GT's all the way through to become Q850 Streetfighters and Bullitts to become Steve McQueen Bullitts - cars draped the full series of available upgrades and accessories.

 Steeda UK Q850

Steeda Ford Mustang GT Performance upgrades and accessories 

See our online store for the full Steeda range of products amongst a series of other brands offering mustang parts UK and Europe.

A Full series of Steeda Ford Mustang GT and Ecoboost car performance parts

Steeda manufacture the parts to build the most stable, planted and and exhilarating mustangs. Trusted by a range of performance shops and dealers alike, including Sandicliffe ford, Haynes Ford, Hendy Performance, Colins Performance, J-W Racing and of course, us.

For information and pricing regarding the range of products please feel free to contact us.


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