Supercharging your Mustang GT

Here at Motorsport and Performance we can do anything you want to do to make more power out of your Mustang. If you are looking for NA power, Turbo or any type of supercharger build we can supply, install and tune for any parts you will need to achieve your personal goals and preferences.

Saying that, there are easy ways to make power and none come close to been as effective and clean as a well designed and manufactured twin screw supercharger system.

There are multiple brand options of supercharger available for the Mustang GT.

To name a few that we can supply:

  • Whipple Industries 
  • VMP Performance
  • Roush 
  • Ford Performance
  • Edelbrock
  • Kenny Bell
  • Saleen
  • Procharger
  • Vortek
  • Paxton

Then there are the types. 

Superchargers come in 3 different types:

  • Roots
  • Centrifugal
  • Twin screw.

Roots and Twin Screw chargers both use meshing lobes to compress air, though the design of them differs completely. Roots chargers have been in use since the first world war, the lobes touch, both each other and in some designs the supercharger casing too, this generates friction and heat reducing their overall efficiency. Twin Screw superchargers on the other hand work on much tighter tolerances and the lobes do not touch ever (unless something has gone terribly wrong) and the only heat generated in them is from the compression of the air.

Centrifugal chargers use an impeller to compress air in the same way that a turbo does, they differ to a turbo in that the engine spins the impeller directly where a turbo utilises the normally wasted energy in the exhaust gases to spin the impeller wheel. 

Centrifugal chargers, like turbos can be quite 'laggy' where Roots and Twin Screw superchargers produce boost as soon as you start the engine.

Mustang Supercharger UK

Which is best?

They have been arguing that out since the beginning of time. In reality across all markets 'which is best' will depend on your application. For us though the Twin Screw systems built by brands like Whipple Industries offer the best performance with the fewest drawbacks, if you feel differently that is fine, we can still help get you on the road with your preferred type.

Whats the point?

So now you know there are options of charger to use on your Mustang, what do they do? 

Everyone knows, if you have a turbo or supercharger on any engine you will have more power than someone that does not (provided whoever designed, installed and tuned your setup knew what they were doing of course). You know that because to make more power out of an engine is the very reason turbos and superchargers exist.

So, how do they make my car have more power?

To answer that properly I would need to write a book.

In short though, I mean as short as I can effectively.

First we need to quickly go over where 'power' comes from.

Right back to basics...

  1. The law of conservation of energy states that the total energy of an isolated system is constant; energy can be transformed from one form to another, but can be neither created nor destroyed. {\displaystyle \Delta U=Q-W.}
  2. Energy is power, the controlled release of it is what you experience when you accelerate in a car.
  3. Engines, be that internal combustion or any other type, harvest energy from a fuel source (in our case petrol) by igniting and burning said fuel and converting some of the released energy into mechanical energy (the rest, 70+% is lost as heat and noise)
  4. You know that in order to have fire you need oxygen + a type of fuel (which can be wood, coal, alcohol, butane, petrol, diesel etc) + an ignition source.
  5. If you run out of oxygen your fire goes out. If you have too little oxygen and too much fuel your fire goes out. Throw in as much fuel as you like in either instance, it will make no difference.
  6. The air we and our engines breath contains 20.95% oxygen.

So if fuel contains energy, then the more fuel you burn the more power you make. But you need oxygen to burn fuel and there is a limited amount of oxygen in the air we breath, which limits the amount of fuel an engine can burn per revolution.

How does a supercharger fix this? Simple, it compresses air. If you squeeze twice as much air into a given volume, that volume will contain twice as much oxygen as it did before. Twice as much oxygen means you can burn twice as much fuel and so in theory extract twice as much energy and produce twice as much power.

whipple Mustang UK

Without delving too deep into this, volumetric efficiency is also increased with forced induction.

An NA engine sucks air in but only has so much time between revolutions to fill its cylinder capacity, few factory NA engines achieve 100% VE. You can achieve higher than 100% VE on some DOHC 4VPC and Rotary NA engines by properly tuning the intake runners and exhaust extractors ... this is called inertial supercharging and utilises resonance and air mass to achieve a positive pressure at the point of combustion chamber induction. We use this on NA Mustang GT builds but the maximum ever reported is around 130% VE and that was in a laboratory ... 110% would be remarkable in the real world.

Forced induction engines however have their cylinder capacity force filled (forced induction ... get it?) and so properly designed exhaust collectors and intakes become much less important for achieving a higher engine VE ... though the best way to make more power is to waste less, so quality collectors are still very important if you are serious about power and efficiency! Force feeding an engine can result in VE percentages as high as you like.

Superchargers themselves also have volumetric efficiency and adiabatic efficiency ... but I'm trying to keep this short so I'm stopping at engine VE.

Mustang Supercharger UK

In short then, a supercharger shoves compressed air and so more oxygen molecules into your engine allowing you to inject and burn more fuel per revolution resulting in more power. Easy!

Now you know that, lets get back onto supercharging your Mustang

We have installed and tuned various brands and types of superchargers on Mustangs in the UK here at Motorsport and Performance. If you are looking to have an install supplied and carried out by us we will likely try to talk you into using Whipple industries, that's not to say we aren't happy to bend to your preferences. 

How much power you can achieve when supercharging your Mustang is limited only by the depth of your pockets. 650hp is entry level in the supercharged coyote world, a good number of our builds have achieved over 700hp and more than a few between 800 and 900bhp. If you dream of 1000bhp before you die or 1000whp before it kills you then that's fine, just get in touch and we can talk about your options.

If you found this blog useful but arn't looking for a supercharger remember we are as passionate about building NA Mustangs and Turbo charged Mustangs as we are about supercharging them so if you are looking for more power but don't want a supercharger that's no problem. Get intouch and we'll help you decide on a plan of action to get to where you imagine yourself going with your car.